VAS (Steven Leung) cartridge repair/retipping service?

Any experience with or opinions about VAS/Steven Leung repair/retipping service?  Not for VAS cartridge.


I have had 3 different VAS Nova carts over the years from Steve(.8mV, .4mV and now .25mV). Each better than the one before. Theses are hand built carts by Steve and they are EXCEPTIONAL, beating out Lyra Kleos and Kiseki PurpleHeart. I have also had him retip my Koetsu RSP and it is OUTSTANDING. HIGH INTEGRITY Person!

Mike in Austin

 Steve is a gem to work with. I've had the original Nova, after Harry Westfield, if I remember correctly compared to the Lyra Atlas or the Goldfinger on the VPI forum. And he also repaired a Clearaudio Concerto V2 that a friend of mine broke the stylus off of dusting his TT.  And now he just built me an Ultimate Reference .4 mv and rewired my VPI 3D 10.5 arm. I should have it tomorrow and I can't wait to hear it. Again, Steve is top notch and will communicate with you to make sure you are happy!

I visit the Facebook Page a few times a year, but make a few hours for the experience of the Xmas Hol's.

I hope to see your work undertaken on the Needle Drop Video's.

There is very attractive work coming from this Service.