Vibraplane part needed

After striking out with customer service, apparently my Vibraplane 2212 is too old, I have decided to see if anyone has given up on their unit and can sell me one of the valve arms(those elbow or "L" shaped aluminum arms that have the little wheel on the end. Many thanks. LS
It is a fairly crude part given the rest of the Vibraplane.  I would guess any competent machine shop could duplicate the part for you.
@trytone don't know who you talked to but I've been the world-wide distributor of the Vibraplane for close to 35 years now and hope I can help you. Please send me your serial number of the unit (located on the back right side) and a pic of the part so I can see if we have something that can get your unit up and running. PM me if possible or go onto my web site www dot soundsofsilence dot comSteveSOS
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