Vintage Tube Services Still in business?

I have been calling VTS for a week regarding a couple of tubes I returned. All I get is a busy signal. I realize he could be busy but I have tried to call 6-7 times a day for a week. Anybody know?
I had read awhile back that Andy was planning to retire. However I have no knowledge though that he has actually done so.

That being said I was unable to reach him once either for quite awhile. I wanted to order some tubes. When I finally did talk to him he said he had been away on a west coast trip to buy tubes. He had spent quite a bit of time at some Hewlett Packard plants I believe. So not unusual for him to be out of touch for over a week. Other times it took a few days to reach him. I would recommend to keep trying to reach him for now.
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I spoke to Andy in early July regarding a purchase. He told me at that time that he was launching a new company (or a new division). He was going to revamp the VTS website and post a new website for the new division. On the day I spoke with him, he had work crew over at his place tending to the technical stuff. Not sure if this helps. Keep trying. Not like Andy to cut and run. I'm sure it's something quite innocent. Keep me posted. I really enjoy working with him. Great guy with high integrity IMHO.
i spoke to andy at3:40 ny time and ordered a pair of mullard tubes (12au7).

he is recovering from hernia surgery.