VPI Aries owners

What you put underneath your Aries to control vibrations?
I use the Black diamond Racing pucks package made for the Aries table and motor.
Hi Sid,

I've heard all kinds of devices that go under shelves and different types of shelves. Most of them are subtle differences. I was totally blown away by what I heard, when I put my VPI Aries on a Neuance shelf.

I do have a butcher block sitting between my rack and Neuance shelf. The reason I did that, was that I preferred to level the table by putting stuff under the maple butcher block instead of adjusting the legs on the Aries.

Here's a fairly recent picture, before I added my SDS.


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Maple butcher block with Rollerblock clones (DIY) under that for vibration control.

I have mine on a Black Diamond Racing the Source shelf, with the motor's four feet on 1/2 cm. sorbethane discs borrowed from my Rowland gear. It definitely lowered the noise floor. I have a friend with a TNT who said that Harry W. prefers Bright Star products. Anyone know if this is true?
Started with the Bright Star 19 sandbox set upon a shot and sand packed Rack of Gibraltar. Still had some mild acoustic breakthrough problems due to being located on a sprung wood floor. Purchased a used Airmass 19, placed sandbox on top, and that did the trick. Unwavering pitch definition regardless of the severity of the dynamic assault. Creamier vocal, string and horn textures. Big, big tuneful kick drums, double basses, and tymps. I'm very pleased.