There's always a lot of talk about DACs with most revolving around names like Denefrips, Gustard, T&A, Weiss, Border Patrol and many others, but I see no mention of the Wyred 4 Sound DAC and in particular the 10th anniversary edition. Even a quick search of the forum doesn't bring much up in the last couple of years.

It is competitively priced, made in the USA and it was well reviewed at the time (2018)

Has anyone compared this DAC to the newer ones most that are most mentioned here? Maybe technology has surpassed a DAC that is now 5 years past its prime?




I use the IFI Power X to power the Recovery DC in place to the Wyred wall wart.  Added liquidity and reduced grain slightly.  It is still a switching supply but I was not going to spend more on a linear supply for only powering the Recoveries.  You also should replace the computer grade USB pig-tail that comes with the ISO with a 1/2 to 1 foot USB of your choice.  I personally use WyWires Platinum full loom. Alex at WyWires is wonderful and his cables sound great.  He made a 1 foot USB and there was an audible improvement in liquidity, dynamics, and timbre.  You need to burn in the Recovery at least 200 hours.  It will sound grainy with digital glare upon initial installation but with a better power supply and USB, and with burn in, the overall improvement of using the Recovery ISO and DC combination is just as published be Wyred … quieter background, increased detail, increased macro and micro dynamics, better imaging, deeper stage, and better timbre.  This was the most cost effective tweak  I have installed. Since this hobby is subjective and one of degree, I hope you find improvement as I have.  Good luck and good listening.