Wacky Question about cartridges

After 20 years without Analog Playback - I'm buying a turntable. My last was an Oracle mkII or III. Can't remember what cartridge though.

I've looked for some reviews/lists of 'hot' cartridges in 1993-1995 and am coming-up empty-handed.

I know that I had a Sumiko Blue point at one point but I also had something else - an MC - that was really an item at that time. I liked the Sumiko but the other one was brilliant.
Ortofon? Dynavector? It wasn't a Koetsu, Goldmund or Grado. It cost +-$750

The reason I'm asking is to help me choose my first cartridge in 'my new era'. Anyone old enough to remember 1994? :-) Thanks in advance.
Hi Lemmy, ask this question on the vinylengine forums and you'll get a LOT of good advice, those guys are obsessed with everything vinyl. There are compliance issues with the cartridge/arm interface that you'll need to address but once you've got that sorted there are tons of good options. The cartridge in an analog set up is crucially important so you'll want to take your time and maybe try out a couple of options to see how it matches with everything else in your system. The cartridge isn't something you want to skimp on: A great cartridge on an average table is significantly better than the other way around.
Thanks all! -Qdrone nailed it! It was a Monster Genesis! I MAY have bought a Benz Glider as well but in 1995 I made a major move and sold my Oracle MkII and cartridges.

This is why keeping a journal is a great idea but, I just don't have the time!.

It's not so much that I'm looking to re-create the past but to decide what will replace the Oracle.

I'll put up another post regarding TTs if I can't find an answer in existing posts.
I'm leaning towards a VPI Aries 1 w/JMW etc but your comments about cartridge choice mirror my experience esp.

"A great cartridge on an average table is significantly better than the other way around."

An excellent summary and 'mantra' -thanks.
Lemmy - FYI, many knowledgeable analog fans believe the exact opposite of what you believe to be an excellent mantra. They would recommend a better table/arm combo and a more modest cartridge over what you suggest. A great cartridge cannot perform properly in a mediocre arm. But it's your money and you can spend it as you choose.