Wadia Inuition (Class D amp) connect with subwoofer


it is possible to connect subwoofer SVS SB-1000 with Wadia Inuition (Class D amp) via speaker connectors ?  Did anyone connect Wadia Inuition with subwoofer ?

Thank you!
Hello Tim,

thanks for your answer. I read about using a good quality power cord and I read all the reviews about Wadia on Internet.


Below is the official response from Wadia support.

"No, a common ground speaker connection will damage the Intuition"
Hello spacelab4,

     These Wadia product experts couldn't also tell you how to safely hookup a sub to the Intuition?  I suspect they really were not certain and were erring on the side of caution. In my opinion, this is somewhat understandable but it's not good customer service and it's unacceptable due to it not being completely reliable nor solving your issue with their product.
     I suggest calling them back and requesting to speak to an engineer at the company, or at least one of their technical support reps, and ask again.

JL Audio LoC-22 - line output converter may work for your setup.

Wadia Inuition speaker connectors > JL Audio LoC-22 > SVS SB-1000 line level input.

The JL Audio LoC-22 featured differential-balanced input architecture and compatibility with most amplifiers. It is a active speaker level to line converter need a 12V dc power supply.
You can contact JL Audio to confirm if their LoC-22 compatible with your Wadia Inuition.

JL Audio Customer Service: (954) 443-1100

To nobble100:

So why is REL saying that 90% of class D subs have positive voltage coming from the black (-) terminal? Is this a load of crap?