what are the best couple of cassandra wilson cd's

Wondering what the best cassandra wilson cd's are...
Looking for a few suggestions.....thanks
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Blue Light Til Dawn, then New Moon Daughter.

Travelling Miles is very good, but eccentric.

Her newest, Belly of the Sun, is excellent, and may end up ranking with Blue Light. Very diverse range of styles and genres on exhibit.

You can;t go wrong with any of them.

Personally, I use Blue Light as a reference, new gear test disc. Excellent sense of space and image placement.
"Blue Skies" and "New Moon Daughter" show this artist's gifts in a varied manner and provide a clear sample of her development and stupendous talent. I have her complete catalog and am drawn to different recording during various moods. Her talented and diverse interpretation of challenging music never disappoints. Sample slowly and drink deeply all of her work is worthwhile.