What are the Best FM tuners?

This is an often asked question. This is my current list of favorites:
A. Good out of the box, judging sound quality only, not in order of preference because each has merits:

1. Very rare Accuphase T-103
2. 1 out of 10 Tandberg TPT 3001As
3. Onkyo T-909
4. Bogen TP-100
5. Akai AT-S7
6. JVC FX-1100B
7. NEC T-710
8. Onix Audio BWD-1
9. Kenwood KT-990D
10.Crown FM-2
11.Marantz ST-17
12.Sim Audio "Moon"

B. Modified tuners, both RF and audio performance, in order of preference:

1. Kenwood KT-727
2. Kenwood KT-3200D
3. NEC T-6E
4. SAE 8000
5. Accuphase T-101
6. Sony ST-S550ES
7. Onkyo T-4500
8. Tandberg TPT-3011A
9. McIntosh MR-74
10.Luxman T-110
11.Onkyo T-909
12.MD-102, early version

Sure, there are others -- and you may have your own opinions -- but these have proven to be excellent choices over the past 20 years.
I'm wondering if anyone has listened to the Accupahase T-1000 tuner. It's a pricey puppy!
Here's a link to some info on the FM Tuner Info site:


I've had an Accuphase T-1000 for about 3 months. I've previously used a Luxman T-117, a Luxman T-12, and a Marantz 20B. The Accuphase is in an entirely different league. Believe me when I say it actually sounds better than my Levinson 390s cd player in some cases (probably more a reflection of variation in cd quality than the player). I still don't see how a tuner can have such solid bass, crystal clear highs, stellar imaging, and continue to sound good for hours. Even at $5K, it could actually be considered good value, when you look at what a lot people pay for a lot of other components.
Recently I have been listening to a audio horizons modded sansui 9900. Absolute addicted and analog sounding music, so much so I spent more time listening to it than on my turntable ( sonically still my prefer choice) or CD which cost 10-30x more. Looking forward to an accuphase 1000, marantz 20b or do u think there is any tube tuner anybody can recommend that in your opinion is better than a modded sansui 9900? Happy listening