What are the best GaN Amplifiers available today?

There have been a number of threads discussing the wonder of GaN and some of the individual amplifiers that have caught peoples attention, including those from AGD, Atma-Sphere, Peachtree, LSA, etc. Has anyone done a shootout against two or more GaN amps? If so, which did you prefer, and why? And on what speakers?

Also, of the one you preferred, do you prefer it over every other amplifier you’ve ever heard? If not, what non-GaN amp do you enjoy more?

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I had a D-Sonic Class D using Pascal module (new about 4 years ago) it was powerful, but it was not as resolving on top as the GAN amps I had afterwards.

I also had a NAD M22 V2 which is also Class D and I returned it since it was not as good to my ears as the similarly priced Benchmark AHB2.

As stated by Greg_f above......it is implentation that determines the final sound.  All Ganfet amps sound different and not necesarilly better than Mosfet based amps (Purifi and Hypex).  Modded high power Purifi amps (VTV even has a tubed buffer version for more 3d liquid sound) sound outrageous.  All class D amps will sound much better with mods.  Recently I have done more mods to the LSA Voyager that are also applicable to the Peachtree GAN 400 (they use the same amplifier module).  Modded Purifi, Peachtree, LSA and Orchard all sound really really good.  Just tonight I finished my first modded Hypex Nilai stereo amp......pics are now online......Yes, I am still doing mods....and mod all the above.  More info and pics will be added in the next couple of days.  I have done a couple more mods to the Peachtree Gan 1/VTV amps since yyzsantabarbara got his and will be trying another mod to the unit I have here now. 


It is impressive how much more performance is gained by implementing tweaks.

Which amp among the ones you modify is your favorite (no matter class)?

Do you modify other classes amps?

Do you replace PCB track connections with point to point connections, and internal wiring with better quality?

Where would you place your favorite modified amp in comparison to higher tier amps (no matter class)?






I own the Peachtree GaN 400......Absolutely love the way it takes a signal and makes it sound "live". I’m using an Audio- GD ...HE1-XLR SE as a Tubed pre with an Audio Mirror Toubadour IV- SE DAC and Borresen X-3 speakers.To me this is as good as it gets.I’ve been to many shows and rarely do I experience anything this Musical a "you are there" sound. I am "inside" the music. An experience I’ve never felt in 40 years of Audio.I also own the Aavik U-150 Pascal class D. Totally different sound. ...But the MC phono pre and built in DAC is world class. I personally don’t forsee ever going back to My KT-88 and 845 Tube amps....The Decware I’m keeping ’cause it’s fun with my High- Efficiency speakers ( Klipsch / Texkton/ JBL.....I'm a firm believer in " System Synergy"....and there's only one way to achieve that....Try lot's of different gear. I've been with Alberto and his gear is Awsome also. Best of luck to you.

Which AGD amps did you compare to the Atma - were they the Audion? Would you characterize them as rolled off on top, or just sweet?

@blisshifi If you look at the comments comparing the Atma-Sphere amps to the AGD, you'll see that they contradict each other- some say one is sweeter or darker and the other the other 'way around. FWIW the Atma-Sphere has bandwidth well past 30KHz, so of someone says it sounds 'darker' or the like, its not because of frequency response- its due to how the amps in comparison make distortion.