What are you using as a streamer? Constructive feedback please.

Wondering what improvements I can made to my streaming end and what you all are using.

Not looking to rip CDs and I mostly listen to vinyl.

System right now is:

Node 2 (latest version used streaming only with Roon)

Bel Canto e.One ref DAC 2.7

Bel Canto e.One ref CD3t Transport.

Bel Canto e.One ref 501S (best Class D to date to ever grace my system)

Mini GaN 5 ( had to try it and swap it in and out)

AM Qualiton X200 Tube Integrated (love it and gets most use)

QLN Prestige 5 Speakers.

All cables and wires are Signal Cable.

Appreciate the constructive feedback.

Have a great day.




@scthom - sorry, been out of touch for a couple of days.  To your question on the M3 vs the AM Tubadour III SE - both are great DACs.   Overall neutral presentation and musical overall, which is to say nothing in their presentation is prominent.  A coherent presentation of the music by both DACs.  Good meat on the bones - not a thin presentation or overly clinical like some DACs.  Highly resolving, good soundstage. The Bricasti has a touch faster/harder attack than the AM. Both could be considered endgame DACs by many.  I've principally used the M3 via the internal network card, and I don't really recall its sound via other inputs.  I've principally used the AM via the USB input (recommended by Vlad along with the I2S).  I use my Auralic G2 as the source for the AM.  As a DAC on its own, the AM is the better deal, and if you principally use single-ended, I would go with the AM.  The Bricasti has balanced outputs and also a decent analog volume control.  Of course, when you consider I am using a streamer more expensive than the AM, the prices of the sets of streamer and DAC are more equivalent and slightly favors the Bricasti.  Both are great DACs and I feel no need to upgrade.

If you are going to use Roon and is somewhat used to computers you can buy an Intel NUC and install Roon Rock. I have not tried it buy a lot of people says it sounds great. If you are not gonna use Roon then a Windows computer with some remote access app might work great. This should be cheaper that a special streamer. 

Here Darko talks about Roon Rock (from 5:42).


I bought ifi Zen Stream based on reviews (sale$360). I use USB from the Stream to a Topping D70S DAC, and then balanced to my Mac MA5300. SQ is excellent. Do not care for the app.

I have a Auralic G2 playing through a PS audio perfect wave DAC, a esoteric N 05 and a Ayon S10 Signature.   The Ayon is far and away the best

+1 on the Node 2i and Amazon HD. Fits my budget and am not wanting for more. My local audio store used Node on all their demo systems. Besides, I'm 64 and don't think I could hear any subtle differences in more expensive gear. Most importantly, I'm enjoying the music and finding new artists.