What Cartridge Manufacturers Will Retip Their Moving Coil Cartridges For A Fee?

What cartridge manufacturers will retip their moving coil cartridges for a fee?

I have a $3k Sumiko cartridge....Sumiko offers me $900 credit for my old cartridge towards the purchase of a new $3k Sumiko cartridge.

Next time I buy a new cartridge, I'd like to buy one from a manufacturer that will retip it for a fee.  Do any manufacturers of moving coil cartridges do retipping?


My Sonic Lab will retip/refurbish. It isn’t cheap. For my cartridge it cost 60% of new retail.  For all that I know, this is just a discount on a new cartridge.

VAS NY Inc has their own models of MC Cart' and have always been able to  accommodate Cart' owners requesting a re-tip.

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Lyra rebuild Etna and Altas cartridges. Dynavector rebuild the XV-1s and XV-1t cartridges. They go back to Japan. It's more than a retip. You get all new internals, including dampers/suspension. Only the body and magnets are reused. For both brands the cartridges down the product line are exchanges.