What cd player should I buy?

I have the parasound halo c2 pre amp and I am using the parasound a 23 (two of them) to drive my Paradigm studio 40's. I have the myryad Z110 cd player and I am lookin to upgrade to some thing that has richer warmer sound. I was considering the Shanling t100 . Tube or solid cd player? Any suggestions out there please help. Thanks Joe
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You are going to get a million different suggestions (if any at all ;-) which may not be all that helpful in the long run. They are just other peoples' subjective, and usually biased, opinions.
You have to do it the hard way - the best way - get out and listen to some players.
Find a good dealer and you may even get to bring a player(s) home to try. If you DO get a good dealer who is helpful, don't waste his time then turn around and buy something used on Audiogon just to save a few bucks.
I did what Golden Ears says. It was a very enlightening experience. I am now the owner of a Jolida JD100 and it is awesome. I am also proud of the fact that I bought it at a locally-owned hifi shop where I got great service and a good price. Arthur