What do you listen to when no one else can hear it

Everyone has something they like to listen to, but won't play it when their friends are around for fear of getting abused. What are your recordings that you don't play for friends, but will put on when no one else is around.

To break the ice, I'll go first.

The Carpenters - from their last LP that came out right after Karen died - "Make believe it's your first time."

Don't be a coward, fess up!
This thread is hilarious. Someone mentioned Best of Bread. Oh no, not that! Major cringe factor there. I used to have that on cassette when I was a kid. Is that the only album they ever did? ;-)  Also, Klaatu, Calling Occupants.....that's hilarious because just the other night I had the iPad in front of me wondering what I should stream and guess what popped into my head out of the blue? Yup, I had to hear it. I used to have that LP or maybe I still do......somewhere.

One song that I kind of like more for the way it's composed more than anything is Taylor Swift, Style. My daughter listens to Taylor in the car when I drive her to school so one evening I thought, hey let me try that. I couldn't believe how bad it sounded on my system. That is definitely a car radio or mp3 recording. Ok, ok, maybe that line about the tight little skirt gets me a little bit too but don't tell anyone!
I still have disco singles on vinyl from that era - 

Shame - Evelyn "Champagne" King
Let the Music Play - Shannon
Boogie Nights - Heatwave

They are so fun super loud when no one else is around.
BeeGees have some great stuff. Listened to a couple tonight, but I’ll never admit it. Ha!
I like to listen to some of the 60s guitar music classics, especially;

The Ventures -
Yellow Jacket

Duane Eddy -
Rebel Rouser
Ghost Riders in the Sky

These all sound so much better on my all digital systems than they ever did when I played them with LPs. Of course I do have better components now.

A more recent song that is similar to these guitar classics is Brad Paisley's "Turf's Up"  from his Play-The Guitar album.