What EL34 and 12AU7 NOS tubes...

are top rated?
electroharmonix 12au7's alway's seems to be, dollar to quality, a good buy. I use them and I think they sound just fine. Telefunken, if money didn't matter, would be my first choice.
I've tried a few different el34 and like the Svetlana winged "c" very much. I will be trying the same tube cryo'd very soon and hope to squeeze out a little more performence.
I'll second the Seimens for EL-34's. As for 12au7's did alot of tube rolling with these and found Amperex 7316's to be the best. Has the speed and clarity of Telefunkens but not so thin sounding. Full midrange of Mullards but clearer and more detailed. By all means there are tons I haven't tried nor have I gone into the rare and expensive but for around $100 a pair (my limit) they are fantastic and worth the extra $.