What is the forum code word for "listen to this stoned". I'd like to use it on these two:

Van Morrison "It’s Too Late Now", side two. Hadn’t listened to it for a long while - such soul.

John Mayall & Friends (SACD) Along for the Ride - starting at track 8 for some unknown reason - obscure SACD mastered by Steve Hoffman and including a ton of guest appearances. Probably hadn’t played in 10 years. Pure, clean blues played by the best. SQ is outstanding, almost gorgeous. If you have it, find it and play it.
Since this is the forum for audiohiles, I guess the term 'tweak' might fit, if or when is propely applied...

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Marijuana and mushrooms are legal. I think you can say, “stoned” now without worry!

Yeah, right. Crystal meth, window panes, crack, it’s all legal, man! 🤗
I'm almost afraid to admit it, but I've never been stoned, never felt the need. Have I missed anything?