What is your cost for each system category ?

What cost priarity do you have for each system category: Speakers, Amplifier(s), Preamplifier(s), Primary Source (CD, tuner, turntable, etc.), and cables. This will help to determine where money should be spent in developing the ideal high-end stereo system regardless of total system price. Notice that I'm limiting the source to the primary unit only. You may have spent a bundle on all of your sources, but you can only listen to one source at a time. I'll start off by providing my priarity list.
Speakers: $20,700 37%
Amplifers: $16,800 30%
Preamplifier: $3,900 7%
CD Player: $6,700 12%
Cables: $7,800 14%
LOL, it is just too funny listening to some of you guys. Amen Warrenh, it really is that simple. Percentages just don't apply.
I took it as extro instead of intro, I'm sorry. But I didn't feel anything on my toes.

"How do you know that this is related to 'the signal loss thread?'"

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Everything is okay. There's nothing for you to be concerned about.
I wondered, so here are my proportions:

Speakers 29%
Preamp 20%
Power Amp 15%
Table/Cart/Arm 18%
Phono stage 13%
Cables, interconnects 5%

This is a bit skewed since I got the power amp and table used at great prices, the speakers were new.
I spend 30% on speakers ,30% on amps , 30% on source , 10% on cables & then i bag my boss for raise.