What Luxman DAC to replace Hegel HD11 ?

The question is in the tittle .. I own a HEGEL HD11 DAC since a while now, but I think it is not at level for my new amp Luxman 507uxII and I am not so happy about the XLR outputs (I use it in RCA unbalanced that clearly sound better)

I’d like to move to a Luxman DAC to match the amp, but hard to find informations

- DA150/250/06, all seems discontinued. good opportunity as second hand ?

- Use a CD player as D-03x or older discontinued reference (05/06) as DAC ?

- Should we expect new DAC reference soon ? (at reasonable price .. this is not the trend ..)

My main use is streaming input to coax & optical input from TV set


Try the Loxjie D50.

Any noise, jitter, or distortion it has is totally inaudible to us humans.

It was designed with amazing measured performance in mind.

Thks, but I am more concerned about musicality than about parametrics. There are tons of perfect devices that finaly does not sound so well. Also I wanted to remain on Luxman. First as this would be the best match to my amp (levels, design, build quality), and second because I apreciate their way of designing through listening.

I have a luxman 550axII using a d-03x. Sold a benchmark 3L for the CD player. Been happy with the dac running Qobus. Dac just as good as the benchmark plus a top notch CD player. I’m using the xlr output on the d-03x. Sounds stellar. Makes me think your Hegel is your problem as you mentioned. 

Great. Somewhere I'd need the DAC part of D-03x (or any D-06x if it comes), but not the CD/SACD part