What's happened to the used high end market recently?? Sales are tough....:0(

The heading says it all!! What do you guys think is the reason that the sales in the used high end market have gone soft??
Prices too high? Economy too slow?? Stock market too volatile?? Something else??

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I just sold a friend a Yamaha CR-1020 and a pair of Dynaco A-25 speakers for $450.  He needed the amp to run two pairs of average efficiency speakers.  Overall, a nice musical sounding combo with a good phono stage (he is buying a turntable soon).  I wanted these mint pieces of equipment to go to a good home.  (P.S. he returned a crappy $400 85w. multi-channel receiver that weighed 8 lbs. after I told him it wouldn't power even one set of speakers very well).  When I decide to sell my Fisher 400 and 500 receivers, McIntosh MC30s and assorted other high quality old gear, I won't be looking for the top dollar but rather to sell at a reasonable price.  Who wants to have the equipment sitting on ebay forever.
To be frank, there is an increase in buyers that are jerks.  There is a new culture that has injected itself into the scene that didn't exist 10 years ago.  Trying to scam low prices and make difficult transactions.  I'm done selling here.  It has little to do with the high prices for new equipment, which should only drive people to the lower-priced used stuff.  Many people have moved to other sites where there is a closer-knit community which brings credibility to transactions.
I don't know.  I've been watching Gon ads for the past few months thinking I might pick up a nice used/new CDP but haven't seen much I'd be interested in or willing to pay the $$$ for some of the better players offered for sale.

Sales are tough?  Well, there ain't no app for that.

Looking at some of the ad listings (not just CDP's), I noticed that my jaw starts dropping.  I mean I realize people want to get some of their money back - but c'mon, who's buying used gear at some the atmospheric prices being asked?  It's as if sellers (private and merchant) are targeting a niche group of deep pocket buyer's.  Isn't HEA a niche enough market to begin with, why make it even more selective?

Back in the early 2000's when I first became aware of the Gon and I tried my hand at buying/selling, it was different back then.  Sure, there was plenty of mega-buck gear to be had but there didn't seem to be as many merchants involved as there are now and you could find some really good deals on used audio gear.   Nowadays the mantra seems to be  Damn the working poor - full speed ahead, whatever the deep-pocket guys are willing to pay.

Speaking of which, reminds me of this recent article in The Atlantic:

Maybe they're responsible for what's happening to ALL markets.

I dropped aprox. $17K on new audio equipment this year.  That was the budget and I pretty much stuck to it.  Got myself a very nice system for that price.  I'll probably spend another $7K but then, I'm done.  I can't see laying out ($17-24K or more) for a single "used" piece of audio gear. My pocket's ain't that deep. Makes no sense.  May as well buy new. 

Is it no wonder that a lot of forum topics have to do with digitizing, streaming and PC audio?   Gee - I wonder why?
As far as a great CDP, two EAR Acute sold on Gon a few months ago for about $1800 and $2000 each.  They are fabulous players.  I highly recommend them as a last player you'll need for CDs.  Get NOS 6922s and a high end power cord to get the most out of it.  I auditioned 30 CD players prior to 2006 and was dissatisfied with them compared to my analog gear until I bought the EAR Acute.  A new one called the EAR Classic, which I heard with stock tubes and an upgraded A/C cord sounded great as well but sells for close to $6K.  It has digital inputs for streaming.