What SS preamp compares to a tube preamp

I'm not sure I want to make this change, but only exploring options. I would like to keep this purchase under $3000 new or used and I think that's about the price point to make it worthwhile.....not sure though.
I started with a few AVR's, then went to a B&K ref 50 which is very nice, finally to a VTL 2.5. I'm currently using the VTL but with the price of some tubes I'm considering going back to solid state. I have a few tubes that sound really nice, Mullard 4003, 4024, 1950's Siemens, Valvo, Brimar, etc....I have found good sound but there's always a compromise. Once I hit the right mid range, I lose some top end, sometimes vice-versa. Also the gain on the 2.5 is excessive, fair amount of hiss and I know tube rush is a side effect but this is just excessive gain... 20 db. I have tried attenuators but they take a little top end from the sound.

I'm not giving up on tubes, but just would like to hear what others have tried that have been in this situation. I don't need HDMI but would be nice, mainly would like a remote. I don't think an AVR can do what I want but maybe a dedicated preamp.

I thought about an Anthem but they have mixed reviews.....not really sure where to look.

All input and criticism appreciated.
I would replace the power amp to begin with. Real good ss preamps would cost more than your entire system, and even they won't sound quite like tubes. Compare analog recordings, vinyl or reel, made with tube and ss equipment. Don't listen to this 'tube-like' nonsense, transistors sound different.
"Real good" SS preamps sound like whatever is fed to them and can be bought used at the top of the OPs budget or just slightly more.
I recommend the Ayre K-1XE solid state preamp.  I used one for 9 years after having used tube preamps (ARC LS-2 and Counterpoint SA-3.1) for many years, and never regretted it a bit.  It was an incredibly quiet preamp with a very neutral sound, and it had very good imaging and soundstaging. The used price should be in your ball park.

I have since moved on to the hybrid VTL TL-6.5 Signature, series 1, line stage preamp.  (It only has 2 12AU7 tubes, so tube rolling is easy and relatively cheap.)  The sound is similar to the Ayre, (i.e. very neutral), but the soundstaging and imaging is even better, and it is every bit as quiet as the Ayre.  (I think the VTL has slightly better extension in both the treble and bass regions too, but only slightly, and that might be due to comparing a nearly new preamp to a preamp that was over a decade old.). It is a bit better than the Ayre sonically IMHO, (although my Ayre had the near reference phono boards, so it was probably a better value).  The cost is a bit out of your price range, (I paid about $4,200 for mine), but if you can afford it, it will probably keep you happy for a very long time.

My two cents worth.
Good luck in your search!