What to change a systemic question

My first real (in my view) system was all Adcom gear cd, pre, and 200 watt power amp.  and Snell c2 mk2.After decades of trouble free use I bought a used Technics SUG 700 integrated, Marantz CD 6006, and Canton 9k reference.

The room 12x18, it's four corners from top to bottom plants, one side wall is open to another room, the speakers aim at a couch 8 ft away, the speakers are roughly 8 ft from each other, stuffed chairs are on the outside edge of each speaker, The Floor is wall to wall carpet. behind the couch ( my sitting pos) is a Glass covered  pastel roughly 3x3 ft.  Married so audio gear movement flexibility is zip nada,zero. and there is an upstairs bedroom I could turn into a great .... Ah the stuff of dreams.I digress.

Whats  missing is a bit more weight but in the total Hz range, just a bit stronger, deeper bigger dynamic expression but keeping it all tight.

The 9Ks vanish, their imaging, soundstage, depth, micro dynamics etc. all very good.  In all things but ultimate weight I'm a happy camper. Having said that I'm freaking going deaf, no seriously sadly I'm old, and I like my music at 65 to 75 dB range.

So any recommendations for improving either, sadly not both, the speakers or integrated up to $3000 would be appreciated. the amps 70 watts the speaker range recommendation 120 to 200 watts. So a bit of a miss match, but not at my listening level.

What I would like the Snells huskier voice and the Canton's everything else., of course but Better. 

(1) The Rolling Stones - You Can't Always Get What You Want - YouTube



You're between a rock and a hard spot. You can't adjust sound by speaker movement because of domestic considerations and, IMHO, you won't get the changes you expect (want) to make by merely getting different electronics, or for that matter speakers. Sounds like you need to get some more upper bass sounds (usually gotten from room placements, etc) or high frequency sounds to compensate some for your loss of hearing. If your integrated has a loop for ancillary equipment you could try an equalizer such as the 6 band Schiit Lokius, in fact even if you don't have a loop you could put this equalizer between 2 different sources. Good product and its relatively cheap and well regarded. 

Well having more weight on the musical notes is quite difficult to achieve only by changing electronics on bookshelf speakers. And even in floorstanders, you usually only get it with big 2.5/3 way speakers.

You could start trying out some subwoofers, they might add a bit of oomph and gravistas in the bass. A good R2R can be very helpful as well, some entry level Holo Audio or Denafrips can be get for around 1k.