What to do about the Sound of Sirius

I'm using a Kenwood DT7000S home Sirius receiver in an otherwise very hi fi system. I realize other providers might arguably have better sound quality, but Sirius has the content I want. There are actually 19 hours or so when I'm not listening to Howard Stern and I really want to get better audio quality out of the music channels. The Kenwood has an optical output, but I don't know if getting a moderately priced DAC will make enough of a difference to make me happy. I'm not expecting SACD or LP quality, but it would be nice to get at least in the audiophile ballpark with Sirius. There are several home receivers on the market, but I suspect they all suck. Does anyone have a reasonable solution?
Don Scott recently did a review on the ADA tuner. While it might not be the last word in tuner fidelity, it appears to be the best solution so far. Perhaps we'll get lucky and he"ll chime in!
Agree, the musical content is very good, but the *compressed signal* sound blows it.

How about de-compression to an expander ?? (obviously joking) ??
The optical output of the DT7000S sounds better than the analog -- gets rid of the 8-track sound. Untested, but told to me is that the optical output on any of the so-equipped portables is superior. The ADA tuner I reviewed for The Audiophile Voice was XM-equipped, but indications are that the Sirius audio would be excellent, but I can not swear that on a stack of tuners.