What to do with my dad's old Revel Performa F50's?

Hi friends, so I recently picked up my dad’s old Revel Perfforma F50’s that were taken from his home theater setup (along with a C30).

I’ve had a few interested parties come by to take a look and think about buying them, but ultimately they decided to pass as some of the rubber has cracks in them. Now I’m wondering what the best course of action would be. Trying to balance not throwing them away vs spending too much to ship them off to get repaired/restored for sale. I’m moving soon so probably want to try to get rid of as much as possible before the big move and just wondering what you all would do in this scenario?

Here’s a link to the selling post so you can check out all the pictures. What should I do here?


Thanks for the feedback.

- Chase


Erik, the "surround" is just the surrounding housing? Or what do you mean specifically?

Just a note to correct in you listing. Those are F52’s not 50’s. That might help for anyone that may just want them for parts.

Good advice from several here. Did your dad try to modify the speakers in any way? It seems strange that there would be damage to the rubber surrounds which are usually pretty durable, and then there is the missing paint on the front of a couple of the baskets.

Hey there — so just clarify these ARE F50’s. Not the F52’s. I’ll attach a picture to the listing. 

He did not alter them in any way, he’s not technical at all. A local home theater business set them up and he didn’t touch them for 10 years at least. I think maybe the deterioration is because he lives by the ocean and had the windows open? Maybe that was it. I could imagine the salty air playing a factor in the deterioration.