Where Can I Find Good CES Coverage?

This site use to have a link to multiple CES reports, but I can't find anything. What's new and interesting this year?
Audio Federation,
awesome pictorial coverage! many thanks!
wish (really, really wish) that you would have put a 1-line caption below each pix to let us know who the audio manuf(s) were. There are several pieces of gear I recognize but there are many more that I have no clue (& probably never will! :-( )
Thanks for the kind words, Bombaywalla.

We will do our best with the captions - check our blog to follow the progess reports. We just finally got all the pictures up Thursday afternoon and have a long way to go yet before we get to the final show report.

Of the 1000s and 1000s of components in these rooms, I sometimes think that only their manufacturer knows for sure what they all are...:-)

Yes, thank you Audio Federation. I've come back to your site many times to check out the coverage.

A friend and I have talked about dropping in to hear your Accapella rig and check out your wares if we're out your way from California.

Anyway, well done!