Where did he go?

Where is "Chakster?"


He may be cutoff from the rest of the world, but that is sort of orthogonal to the fact that it says “suspended” on this forum.

AFAIK - this forum is not affected directly by the politics of war.

  • I miss his contributions here, he was one of the posters who had a good grasp on things. Seems like one of the regulars lodged a complaint to the moderator and that got him banned. Shame on you! We might not all share the same opinions, have the same financial resources or live in a society that favors individual rights but we all have the same love for this hobby.

    Only banned for a report .... a stupid report? And it takes so little in this forum to exclude a person indefinitely? All this is crazy and inconceivable!  

Only banned for a report .... a stupid report?

All speculation at this point, perhaps the Anonymous is group is involved.