Which Lamm should I add to the flock?

I have a Classe' 301 amp, an Audio Aero Capitale C.D player which I use as the pre, and Piega P10 speakers. The Classe' had lemoned on me again, to the shop for the last time. I heard Tenor 75wp with this same setup, and it was beautiful. I am leaning toward the Lamm's, but this is where my ignorance shows. The ML2's or the ML1.1's? This is a major purchase for me (hopefully the last for years to come with amps), someday to replace the p10's. Thanks for any help and suggestions.
I second the 1.2 Refs - they are incredible and a noticeable improvement from my former 1.1s - which I owned for 5 years. They are more much more powerful than their conservative 110 watt rating. I also have the Tenor 300 watt hybrids and the Lamm 1.2s drive my speakers just as easily and with just as much authority.

Since the 1.2 Refs are virtually all Class A whereas the 2.1s are not, I think you will get a bit better sound from the 1.2s but if you need the extra power you don't give up too much with the 2.1s.

Good luck with your search - I don't know of too many Lamm owners who are unhappy. Not that reviews are the be all and end all, but have you EVER seen an even remotely negative review of a Lamm amp?
I have not heard the all tube Lamm's but I have the 1.2 reference amps and they are the best amps I have ever heard. They are warm but not hot as long as they are not in a cabinett to allow the heat to dissapate. They are the best amps spacailly I have ever heard. I still can't believe what they do to music. You can not go wrong with these amps.
Thanks everyone. These are the opinions I so wanted to hear. Now I just have to wait for them...Anticipation....
>Now I just have to wait for them...Anticipation....

I assume by this that you have ordered some Lamms or made a decision ?
Bryanhod et al..........you mention the cabinet thing....I really want to put a pair of 1.2 ref's in my cabinet - I have custom built the cabinet with vents in the base, semi open front and an open back, I'm thinking of adding silent fans to aid air flow. My Krell barely runs warm - am I mad?