Which modded cdp?


I'm looking for a nice sub $1000 player. I'm thinking about either a modded Onix xcd-99 or a modded Sony SCD-CE595. What are people's opinions of these players? Has anyone heard the Shandling/Onix/Music Hall mods and the Sony mods?

I own several CDPs, one being a Music Hall CD-25 with the Level 1+ mods done by Parts Connexion. For the money,($550 used) it's a very good player which includes HDCD. I've upgraded my CD source a couple of times since purchasing the Music Hall and am still impressed by how much the player gets right. I haven't heard the new Music Hall CD-25.2, but I would guess that it shares a common foundation. It's too bad that they chose not to include HDCD in this version though.