Which Shunyata Power Cord?

Which Shunyata cord under $1k has great soundstage and warm tone?

New or used, new or old.


You did not specify if you need a power cable for a high current or low current application.  Also, I do not know what you mean by a “warm” sounding cables.  While each brand will have its one sonic signature, power cables are designed to lower the noise floor and improve detail retrieval, soundstage, and dynamics.  

I cannot answer your question directly because I find Shunyata power cables fatiguing in my system and not the best value at there price point. Probably a system matching issue with my integrated amp since they are well respected. Alternatively, may I leave you with the recommendation of auditioning WyWires Platinum.  They are quiet, transparent, coherent, detailed, dynamic, true to timbre and just musical.  WW is having a 40% off sale so they are a bargain within your budget.  Alex, the designer and proprietor is great and very helpful.  See some pro reviews below.  

Dagogo.com, October 2016, Platinum Juice II Power Cords, by Jack Roberts

Positive-Feedback.com, June 2016, Platinum Series Cables, by Dean Seislove

@audphile1 what are your other cables? I don't find the Shunyata Alpha V2 XC bright whatsoever.  Maybe you're getting some bad interactions with other cables in your system. 

Your Pass is a very fine amp and would have been better suited with a Alpha v2 NR instead in my opinion.

Maybe you should have tried it on your Puritan Audio Labs PSM156...


You should check out Triode Wire Labs. Pretty sure they offer a generous trial period and good value as they sell direct. Best of luck.


@aolmrd1241 I need to amend my earlier post. I thought it was the XC version but I double checked my email and my music direct order was for the alpha v2 nr in 1.75m. Sorry for the confusion. But it is the NR that turned my XA30.8 into a fatiguing beast.