Which song has fewest words ever?

One comes into mind quick is "Is There Anybody Out There?" which is just 5 words throughout song.
Another song's short lyrics is Chris Botti song "Ever Since We Met" has only 2 4-liner chorus.
"One of these days I'm going to cut you into little pieces"  This may be a little wordy for this thread, but it sure get's your attention.
Best ONE word:
"Koyaanisqatsi" - (Life out of balance)
Phillip Glass from the movie of the same name.
@papermill ,
I must agree. It's great title and super great music!
As long as it's song's words, nothing's wordy :)
THANKS for keeping up!
Y'all have had your headphones on backwards with too much bass again...

Let's see....current One Word contenders is:


('One word' in my local focal locus is at least a syllable, two letters, and 'ah' or 'oy' or 'ya' or the like might be disqualified as more a note sung by a human voice or the eq....ideally, it should have some sort of 'meaning' other than a sound...)

But, looking over the list, it seems more an Rx for a real lousy day that started out promising....

But, anyway....back to the festivities... ;)