Which speakers excel at low volume?

I do much of my listening at lower volumes than I imagine most of you do: 60-70db for me much of the time. I understand why many speakers are designed to sound correct at live-music levels, and the hell with how they sound at lower levels. But that doesn't work for me. I need a speaker that resolves details, conveys proper tone and timbre, expresses microdynamics, and has a respectable balance, including a sense of weight, even at low volume. (Low volume does not mean low amplifier power.) This is an aspect of loudspeaker performance that is rarely addressed in reviews. It must be that most audiophiles don't care about it, or that reviewers feel it is not a criterion that loudspeakers are or should be designed for. Fair enough, but I still want what I want.

I used to have original Quad electrostatics, which were terrific at low volume. My ProAc Response 2.5s aren't bad (though they don't resolve detail too well even at high volume). The Thiel 1.6 is pretty good, the 2.4 less so.

What have you heard, particularly in dynamic speakers, that fits my requirements?
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As nice sub like a Rel or Vandy can help with the Feltcher Munson curve syndrome. At lower levels to me a good sub is a must.
I have the Green Mountain Audio Continuum C-3's. They are very good at low volumes and they do not sound similar to Thiels. I have always found Thiels to be a little clinical and dry. The C3's are richer and more organic sounding without being ripe. Really amazing speakers that should be heard if you have the time.
Wilson Watt/Puppy 7
Martin-Logan CLS w/ Entec or Kinergetics subs
Quad 63s w/ Entec subs
Avantgarde Duos
I would have to offer a third vote for Avantgarde Duos. Because these speakers are so dynamic they are involving at very low volumes.

- rmf