Which TT for my system?

Hello folks,

I have assembled a pretty decent system and the final piece being purchased is the Table. I am hoping for some good opinions based on experience and or ownership. My budget is $2200.00 including tone arm. So far I am looking at Clearaudio Champion LMTD and the VPI Scout 2. My system is Martin logan Vantage speakers and DK Design MKIII AMP, I will be using a MM cartridge. I know there many good tables in this range and looking for some opinions. Thank you all in advance.
I think i would stretch a bit more for a Vpi Classic.
It's HW's favourite sounding Vpi spinner afterall. ;)
I agree, VPI is the best value. However, made in New Jersey? No way. The parts and most of the assembly is done elsewhere. Also, it is my understanding that some of the components are now coming from China. I believe that Harry will be escaping the high New Jersey tax environment soon, none of which will make a difference in the product.