Which Would You Choose?

My System

NAD M12 Preamp with HDMI/BluOs modules

Parasound Halo JC5 Amp

Arcam DV79 DVD/CD

Sonus Faber Olympica III speakers

Sunfire HRS 10 subs X 2

Audioquest NRG Z2 power cords

Silnote Morpheus Reference Series II XLR

Audioquest Pearl 48 HDMI cables

Audioquest Greyhound sub cables

Aircom S8 cooling unit for amp

Monster Power HTS 3600 MKII

Mogami 2921 speaker wire/bi wired


You all know the desire to improve your sound. Thinking of switching amps again.

Rotel Michi S5


Music Fidelity M8s-500s



It seems that if in fairness to those seeking an opinion, those rendering an opinion should give the basis for the opinion. If you believe a component is "midfield" whatever that is, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. Obviously, if you have no significant experience, actually listening to that component, that affects the credibility of the opinion. I don't have the ability to judge equipment that I've never heard but perhaps others do

@roadcykler this is anonymous, random driveby commenting forum, maybe you are expecting too much?

I have thought of upgrading my power conditioner many times.

I live rural in the mountains of Colorado on a cul de sac. The closest house to us is 1/4 of a mile away. The power is supplied to our home by our own transformer.

I have looked at many power conditioners, just never changed due to our unique situation of power supply.

I agree with @erik_squires ​​​​@mahgister that you should invest in your room. Even canvas art work strategically placed can improve acoustics. 

The Michi S5 is a stellar amp and better than than any Hegel or MF.

Hegels are noisy (loud hiss) and their damping claims are absolute horse manure.

MF is not the brand in once was. These days they employ inexcusably cheap parts in all their products. Rotel also uses cheap parts but not in their Michi series.

Michi may not quite be in the same tier as TOTL Luxman, Esoteric, Boulder, Gryphon et al., but dollar for dollar, it’s a better value.

I say all this as someone who has no emotional investment in their products. I don’t own any of their gear. I merely respect the engineering and performance, maybe more so than those aforementioned brands because of what Michi manages to accomplish for reasonable money.

Regarding the S5 against Parasound, it’s no contest. Parasound, similar to MF, is not the brand it once was. Other than bling factor, many of their current products are measurably proven regressions over previous generations. The JC5 for example, is a noisy amp for its price point, relatively speaking, and noisier than the first gen A21 believe it or not. Other than bling factor and raw power numbers, most of their products have not improved any. Again, these comments are not emotionally driven, or even subjectively driven. If tomorrow they are to launch a provably amazing product at an amazing price, I would not hesitate to purchase that item. Brand loyalty is a waste in this hobby and doesn’t often lead to audio nirvana.

Lastly, I know a guy who switched from a Coda No.8 to the Michi S5 and didn’t have any regrets. The Coda is already a class above most of the options mentioned upthread (Hegel, please…🤣). So take that for what it’s worth.