Who R U?

A while back Garfish mentioned he lked the idea of getting to know some of us better.As no one has started a thread like this before I will take the plunge.I have been involved in and read many heated exchanges here in AudioGon.I hope no one attacks me for this thread saying "who cares about you,this is audio" Anyway,Im 45 and live in W.N.Y.I have never been married but have a music loving 11 year old daughter who lives with me.I have been a nurse for 20 years.Before that I was a Navy Corpsman for several years.I recently became engaged (first time) to a beautiful 30 year old music loving woman.At my age a 30 year old is a keeper and I have never been happier!! My other interests??Im into vinyl,who has time for anything else??
I love my amp. Its just fun to stare at. im only 19 years old and i love to crank it up really loud! It took me over a year to find the perfect amp. At first i was skeptical about paying 260.00 for a 20 year old amp with wooden sides. But now I am so glad i did. Soon i want to get a pioneer Elite 300 disc DVD player and match up the wood sides. if anyone has any advice about making it better let me know
Vetgonpunk@aol.com, I clearly remember when I was your age and discovered my perfect amp. My only advise to you is to enjoy your youth, the music, and your friends. Hopefully some of which will be females who like the same tunes you do. You are already at the right site to discover other alternatives in equipment. The good news is you care about this at such an early age, you have your whole life to discover the "magic" combination. My best to you!
Hi everyone by the looks of things I'm a younger audiophile, 19 and spending every penny earned on my stereo. I am currently single and I am a co-owner of a garage (not your typical hi-fi enthusiast) I graduated high school when I was 16 and went right to work (to busy listening to music for college, sorry). I know my ears are still developing and try to make my stereo the best I can step by step and one day hope to be like the rest of you, whom I would like to thank for all of your techinical support I have recieved from everyone. More specifics I live in upstate New York (no, not a correctional facility) just a little south of Albany, I have been into high end audio since I was 15. I try to be like a sponge and absorb as much as possible but all of you know so much more about this stuff then do I but I am learning quickly. My other interest besides this is women(obviosly) and cars.
Glad I found this post. Past few months I bought some good stuff, sold some good stuff, and got a lot of good advice here on AG. I am Ed. We go by shaqspack (www.shaqspack.com) for our lovable lab Shaquille. You can see him on his Website. I'm 46 and just got married this Thanksgiving, thinking it wouldn't make a difference after 7 years. It did, even happier. Our four-footed furry kids (Not inbred) are enough for us. I have a Ph.D. in psychology and practice general psychology and medical-legal consulting outside of Sacramento. I was born to be an audio geek of some sort. Remember taking apart my mom's record player at an early age. And learned about capacitance, getting my butt knocked across the room. AND ICK, IT WAS TUBE!! Funny how that's turned out. I remember my early audiophile days thinking Yamaha was the holy grail of audio and upgrading wiring meant using heavier gauge lamp cord (and better wine meant over a buck). Passions for audio cooled until HT. Wow, movies at home (My wife and I have never been to a movie together -- it's just been that long since anyone could drag me to a theatre --- and I'm gettin' old -- wanna put it on pause and pee when I want). So, got the bigscreen (just a projection) and Dvd (Pioneer 05) and B&K separates with new soliloquy speakers to replace paradigm any day now. Playing with assorted wire, etc. My wife refers to it all as black boxes. She didn't have a TV when we met. Now we have a smaller HT in the bedroom. How romantic Kristi, me and Shaquille in the middle. My other passions are flying (licensed pilot) and coaching youth (Jr. Hi) basketball. Go nuts or need a movie in Sacramento, I'm the guy.
My name is Todd, I go by retroguy. I have been in the Electronics Industry all of my life. Built my first crystal set at Eight and my first Two way at fifteen. Earned most of a BSEE at UIUC in the early 90's. I'm 35 shortly have a lovely wife that has danced for the Geoffrey in New York and now has her Masters in Chem. Does research for ADM Corporate. We have two incredible sons, Euler who is four and Feynman who is 18 months. Not much into HT, It's hard enough to get two channels to sound good. I was very fortunate to find my wife, she loves music as much as I do. Our children are constantly listening to music as well and showning a talent. My oldest boy has a nice singing voice when he's not being to shy. Enjoy your music. This was a genius thread to start.