Who uses ADS Speakers

I worked at ADS in The late 70s and Find they are one of the best home speakers ever.

I always loved their accuracy.


Yup, still have two pairs in service. One pair mounted on the wall in the kitchen and are almost always on. Grabs my attention every time I walk into that room. 

I have two pair of L570/2, one in walnut, the other in black.  They sound great and I use them for my office.  One tweeter in the black pair needs replacement, but I have had no luck finding one on ebay.  Also a little concerned that a seller I'm not familiar with would have the sense to pack it correctly so the dome doesn't get crushed in shipment.  If anyone knows of someone who does excellent repairs of dead tweeters (I suspect a voice coil open), please advise.


2030s where ADS Largest speaker they ever made and I would put them up to almost anything. I helped build The very rare BC8s that Telarc ordered

They where used in Monitoring Telarc's 1812 Overture Recordings.

There where I believe only a dozen made

Including one pair in white For ADS President.
i knew Mike Kelly Great and very smart Man.



From 1974 into the 2000’s I worked for Tweeter, which was Boston’s main a/d/s/ dealer. Took dealer training and factory tours with Dr. Goderhard Guenther, Mike Kelly, Dave Marshall. I owned many models, but not the really big ones like the L2030 series. My faves were the 8”/1” 2 way in its many iterations from the Braun L500 to the L570II. They killed the goose when the tacky soft dome was replaced by the polymer dome, IMO. I also loved the Gen 2 3-ways that used the .75” tweeter. The L730 was a great one.  I never felt their bass response had what the Large Advent had in terms of low end sock but Dr. G said they were simply better damped than Advents and were more accurate. 
I have a pair of L300e in my kitchen running off Zone 2 of my AV receiver and they play more hours music than my other systems combined. 

In the late ’70s I had a pair of ads monitors. A friend accurately described them as screaming bricks.