Who uses ADS Speakers

I worked at ADS in The late 70s and Find they are one of the best home speakers ever.

I always loved their accuracy.


I bought a pair of ADS a few years back and worked on the crossover and bass drivers. Didnt take long before I sold them. A good speaker back in the day but a far cry from current offerings. As another points out, they can be greatly improved with a bit of soldering, a few subtractions and additions. I dont think you need to buy designer parts to get a significant improvement.

I had a pair of ADS 320i speakers in the B-pillars of an '82 Trans-Am T-top with a Nakamichi head unit. The stereo sounded great. The car was fun for a while but was really just a bucket o' bolts.

Gotta throw in my two cents worth, as I'm also a big ADS fan. Bought my first pair of L710's in the early 80's, then onto 810's, 910's, the Sub-sat system, and currently own L1290/2's, 1590/2's and a pair of L400's with the metal grilles. They still satisfy me a lot. If I was to go to anything else, probably would be the Aerial 7T, but I'm still happy with the ones I have with Mac electronics!

i've owned the 1290 (good but very sensitive to pairing), the 710 (great tweeter) and the 780 (vg but not as good as the 710). the real gem was the L470, which i found for tenbucks at a yard sale--amazing clarity and surprisingly deep, tight bass for a little box.

Dear @brownsfan @au_lait  : I never heard the 1290 or other ADS speakers but my L-2030.


I agree that all those switchs makes more harm to the audio signal. Please take a look to what what I posted in this thread:


Even that my 2030 goes really down in the bass I decided to add a pair of powered subwoofers and the high pass filter at around 80hz, so de 2030 frequency range is from 80hz and up and below 80 hz is handled by my Velodyne subs.

The improvement was " day and nigth " because the IMD levels goes really down and everything in the whole frequency range just shines as never before. The 1290 crossover at 500hz when the 2030 crossover at 450hz  so I'm totally sure on this specific improvement regards.