Why do all audio forums on the internet seem "dead" ?

Traffic is very low today vs 2000!

Are most audiophiles "set" with their systems, and no longer care?

Are 90% of audiophiles close to retirement, or retired and broke?

Most older "classic" audio equipment also does not show up for sale anymore IMO.
Shadorne obviously thinks quite highly of himself and very little of most others.  If we have our own thoughts or personal idiosyncrasies or God forbid have a passion and or the means to pursue it, then we are below consideration and should be ignored.  Perhaps someday we can all just assemble a mix of audio equipment with a subjectively random pedigree and put it in a box on the wall....now that is something to hope for!
Well, I think this thread is kind of proof that at least this particular forum is not quite dead. I have some complaints too, so what? The biggest one is that for whatever reasons many very knowledgeable old timers rarly post if ever. Showing off your equipment is not a sin, but if it is the only thing that you do, yeah, it does become boring and a little irritating.
I can honestly say that I have changed my daily routine of visiting forums, to maybe twice a week, and then I only look at and read maybe 1 or two posts on any given site. Sometimes, most times, I might reply to one.

You guys should feel lucky, you got my one for today.
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