Why is black so popular for components?

A current post about the looks of gear got me thinking. How did black become the most popular color for audiophile gear? I can see it being popular for home theater where the gear might be at the front of a room where you want it as dark as possible but black was the color of choice well before home theater. Maybe it is as simple as people just like it but if that were the case I would think it would also be the most popular in other consumer items such as motor vehicles.  I remember when I wasn’t always fortunate to have a dedicated stereo room and my wife would ask me why I purchased black equipment because she thought it was ugly and I agreed with her but usually, I had no choice.  For manufacturers offering additional colors may be costlier but I am willing to pay for it. Fortunately , some companies that I like offer silver usually in the face plates which works for me. Odyssey Audio has numerous color options available for their faceplates for a nominal fee but as far as I know they are an exception.  A lot of speaker manufacturers offer different colors which is great, especially if you have to place them in a communal space like a living room.  So in summary why did black become the color for stereo gear ? How many of you would prefer color options?

There is a very good reason why you probably don't like blue. In a dark room our eyes become much more sensitive to blue light and biologically blue light is what triggers our glare response.

Yes, I think you're right. Blue kind of makes me a little too alert. Doesn't help to get that 'mellow mood' established.

Whereas the green light Arcam used on their 7 integrated amp was fine. Almost hypnotic.

I'd say that I tend to use music for relaxation above anything else.

Come to think of it, is there any audio component that's as easy on the eyes as a tube amp? Some of them look beautiful even before any music is being played.

Maybe it's something to do with race memory, you know all those centuries of our ancestors sitting around glowing fires.
I have a Yamaha DSP-A1 Integrated amp done in Champagne Gold with Rosewood (fake) side panels, which to me is gorgeous! Lettering in black is easy to see. An aside, the lighting is in yellow, which unless you're in a cave, can not be seen at all in daylight. 
Good thread, interesting to boot!
My guess is that black is less noticeable. The last 3 pieces I bought were silver-I wanted a change.
@cd318, that is from melatonin suppression which blue light also does. It keeps you awake.

cd3181,366 posts11-12-2020 2:40pm@audio2design,

Yes, I think you're right. Blue kind of makes me a little too alert. Doesn't help to get that 'mellow mood' establishe