Why Is Krell the a bad work???

I am new in this cyber town. Please explain why Krell is such a hated word? Most every review of there products are very positive. In fact I have a 200 FPB and love it.
Damn. Once again I leave this forum for a few days and miss a set of very entertaining exchanges. Glad to see Retro wasn't easily scared off. We can use the new blood. Even if it eventually ends up spilt on the streets...
Why Is Krell the a bad work??? Good Question with a surpassingly long thread of equally entertaining answers! It just goes to show that we are all up to the challenge! We're all more than willing to contribute in every and any way we can. With this said, my contribution is as follows: Krell gear is a bad work because heavy the a expensive and sound the a work not good sometimes but then ok. I know because golden ears I have part time but sometimes the a bad work too. Band aids for all!
Fpeel, I didn't realize I was being tested. I still like krell, I have owned Krell, wish I still did. I sold it to aquire a triamp system that is good, but not what the Krell was.