Why no Class D integrated love? (from manufacturers)

Unless I'm mistaken, it seems that Class D integrateds are not receiving the same attention from manufacturers as a whole. Sure there are the Peachtrees and NAD's of the world but by and large it seems the better class D tech is going into separates right now and that's somewhat disappointing to me. It's easy to find affordable separates based on the latest Icepower and Hypex modules but almost impossible to find integrateds based on anything but the lower end modules, for example the Nord integrateds.  Perhaps I am missing something? It just seems like this is an area that is ripe for some innovation. Anyone making "affordable" integrateds based on Hypex NC500 or IcePower AS1200 for example?

"Integrated amps are a budget item. Class D amps are already a budget item. How cheap can you build something before it's believed to be HiFi?"

Hello kosst_amojan,

     Spectacularly uninformed and elitist comment that demands immediate rebuking and ridicule.  The natural and appropriate human emotion for making such a condescending and regrettable statement is tremendous shame.  
      I think you need to reflect on exactly what you are stating and implying.  You obviously have great and unjustifiable disdain for integrated amps, class D amplification and budget audio equipment in general.  You even further demonstrate your blatant arrogant snobbery by dismissingly referring to high quality low price audio equipment as 'cheap' and 'budget' rather than the much more accurate descriptions of 'a great bargain' or 'a steal'. 
       Are you really so inexperienced and naïve to equate price to the performance and sound quality levels of modern audio equipment?
      I suggest you either educate yourself on the great bargains and excellent performance levels of current integrated and class D amplifiers or refrain from making such uninformed and misleading statements.

Thank you,

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I believe the new Peachtree integrated’s are based on the new  ice power modules. There are a few pretty good reviews of the nova 300. 
In Europe much more so it more main stream. I have the Very good Gato Audio 400s integrated amp from Denmark , a work of art in design and function.
they take the Danish Pascal pro  amp modules and modify them as well as the analog input and putput stages , with a good   Integrated          Burr Brown dac  for $6500:it beats a lot of$10k seperate combo 
units. Jeff Roland also uses the same modules , Mark Levenson 
as well as Merrill audio in the US make very good upper end digital audio equipment .

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