Will audio gear be ok in unheated house

I have a cottage.   I drain the pipes and the house is left unheated over the winter.  I have been taking my audio gear home (except for the speakers)  when I leave in the fall  for theft worries, but  mostly because I am not sure  the equipment will be OK in an unheated house in an often damp environment until the late spring when I return.

It is a pain taking it back and forth and I would prefer to leave it there.  Maybe in garbage bags with some bags of dessicant in the garbage bags.

Anybody have any experience with this.  I have been unable to find a good answer searching the web.




Do not put your electronics in plastic bags. Those packets can only do so much and then they are done. And moisture over time is very bad.

"Theft worries are not the primary reason for moving the equipment."

- Yes, I understand that, however since he mentioned it, maybe it should be ...

I have a cabin in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, it is relatively new construction well insulated and well sealed. I have some older equipment, Antique Sound Lab tube integrated, older DAC, and Vandersteen 2Ci, which I have been using there for several years. In the winter the cabin is unheated, and it typically is in the 30’s inside.  Only in the coldest weather does it drop into the 20’s inside. I know this since I have a weather station that has multiple sensors so I can monitor indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity from my primary home. I do put out desiccant, specifically Damp-Rid, but it doesn’t do much. In the spring there is still desiccant and some liquid (when the desiccant absorbs moisture it forms a weird liquid in the bottom of the container).  The humidity is typically 50% - 60%, not great but ok. So far no issues with any of the equipment. If you know the humidity is higher or you just want to be extra safe one alternative is a desiccant from hydrosorbent. I’ve used it to protect woodworking tools. You do have to put the item in a sealed container for this to last several months, might be an issue for bigger components, but it works for small items.  Good luck!

Rather than using garbage bags, use moving size cling wrap to wrap your gear. It can be purchased on Amazon or at Home Depot. The 20" wide rolls work well for audio components and speakers. I use it to store my audio equipment that is not currently being used. I wrap two or three turns length wise and width wise and it forms a good tight seal that will keep out insects and moisture from anything short of full on flood submergence. I also use it for extra shipping protection when I sell gear.  

Beginning to sound like it's just easier to take your speakers with you!

Peace of mind knowing they're safe.