Will audio gear be ok in unheated house

I have a cottage.   I drain the pipes and the house is left unheated over the winter.  I have been taking my audio gear home (except for the speakers)  when I leave in the fall  for theft worries, but  mostly because I am not sure  the equipment will be OK in an unheated house in an often damp environment until the late spring when I return.

It is a pain taking it back and forth and I would prefer to leave it there.  Maybe in garbage bags with some bags of dessicant in the garbage bags.

Anybody have any experience with this.  I have been unable to find a good answer searching the web.




I think the humidity is more damaging than cold. I moved into a stone cottage in rural Limerick, Ireland, and have lost a few pieces of kit. Humidity here averages 75% minimum sometimes reaching into the 90%. Stored for a long time the power caps discharge completely and then draw huge amounts of current at switch on. When I moved country I sold a lot of stuff including my variac which I used to slowly bring equipment up to voltage. 

In future I will do as @puptent suggested, vacuum bag the components but only after leaving them overnight with a dehumidifier running.

I would like to see Richard Vandersteen's answer on this one.  He monitors the Owners Forum.  Why not join and ask there?  Go to the website and click Forum.


I don't get the worry about caps. AC units that are outside all winter have caps and they're fine.

Just intuitively, I'd be more concerned about speaker drivers freezing.