Wired Earbuds, with Fabric/Cloth Wrapped Cable

I've done a bit of search on the Forum, but found nothing relevant. Apologies if this has been covered, and do point me in the right direction.

My trusty, Philips/O'Neil SPECKED headphones are nearing the end of their 11-year run. Best $39 I've ever spent. I'm looking to replace them, but am having a tough time finding earbuds where the cable if fabric wrapped. I have tried several pairs of "normal"/non-fabric cables, and the way the cable sticks to shirts, skin, etc., is simply maddening. Yes, the fabric "rustling" is an issue, but one that I've learned to live with.

The Klipsch T5M look enticing, however most reviews lean on the negative side. Any other ideas? I use these for house/yard/farm work; not necessarily "critical listening", so I'd like to keep it under/around $100USD. And these are used with my trusty Zune HD, so yes, wired is the only option.


The HIFIMAN RE400 is a very good sounding IEM and is available on Amazon for only $29.  The cable is nylon wrapped below the y-split.  Best of luck in your search. 
Thanks for the tip, @soix . Yes, Nylon wrapped is a better term. I'll give these a look. For $29, it's at least worth a shot.

Just curious, are there any (forum/community) opinions on the Klipsch T5M?  https://www.klipsch.com/products/t5m-wired-earphones  
These are for use with my trusty Zune HD. Hence wireless is not an option.

I did end up getting the Klipsch T5M. Unfortunately the silicone cups are too small for my ears, and they simply will not stay in.