your first system-

I put together my first system in 1977- turntable, receiver, speakers and a cassette deck- $600. An on-line inflation calculator tells me that is $2760 in 2022 dollars. I am sure a current $1500 streaming based system can be assembled that would demolish my 1977 system. That's what I call real progress!


Thank God for student loans!!!! Walked into my local stereo store in Santa Barbara Ca. 1976, and dropped about 1000.00 on a Yamaha cr 800 reciever, a Nakamichi 550 cassette deck and some ADS speakers....when I got every thing home, it turned out the Nakamichi was the next dayI took it back, and upgraded to the 600 model.I already had a Phillips 202 electronic turntable.......... I wish I still had the speakers...but I blew out the tweeters after 10 years....

In 1978 I bought a pair of Boothroyd Stuart Meridian 105 monos and matching 101B preamp with an Oracle tt (the second ever produced, first after the prototype) with Dynavector Ruby cart driving a pair of KEF 105s. Cost at the time was $7000.00. That was sota at the time and I really don't think sq has come much further imo. What would 30 grand do now? Probably about the same. Could you hear the difference between a 10,000.00 dollar tt vs one ten times that cost in an ABX today? Maaaybe.

My first:

Pioneer PL 12D turntable

Fisher 500 receiver as preamp

McIntosh MC2100 amp

Klipschorn  speakers

Zipcord speaker cable

Gold-enz interconnects 


Bought my first HI-FI rig in 1969

Garrard 401 + SME Arm + Shure M75E

Leak Stereo  70

Goodman Magnum K's

About 280 Pounds as I re call