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Ribbon midrange pros and cons
 I’m surprised that nobody mentioned Strathearns that address a lot of the problems mentioned. They are great from around 400 Hz on up.  There is no need for a transformer if you put a couple of resistors in line with the amp. 
Which DSP for Room Correction?
High mass vs Low Mass Turntables - Sound difference?
I have a better idea. How about getting a Well Tempered table and not worry about resonance? No vibrations will get through the cup of goo the arm sits in. Oh, BTW, no bearings in the arm either.  
 There is a Magellan on eBay right now. This is the most seamless sub woofer you will ever hear. It is incredibly quick because the driver is under 7 inches. But it goes incredibly low. 
Best Pre-amp for $500??
I would look at the MinuDSP 2X8 HD. It's a preamp, DAC and MiniDSP all in one. It sounds great and any remote will work with it. 
Ruby el34s sound flat?
Thanks for all of the responses. After playing them for about 30 hours I have grown to like them. The bass is definitely better than the Teslas ( more and tighter) but sound stage a little smaller and upper treble a bit muted but all in all very m...