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The difference between an Audiophile and a Stereophile?
Nada Brahma   
wanting to take a digital step
+1 fourwnds  The latest bluesound node. $500 you’re in.   
Your tube preamp and ss amp thread
Mcintosh mx110z and mc2505 and mc2125 
Favorite Cowboy Junkies?
They’re not cowboys and they’re not junkies  
What Is The Most Romantic Song That You Have Ever Listen To?
RaffertyRight Down the Line 
Late Night Jazz
Chet Baker Bill Evans “Together”WaxTime 771698Although they only recorded on a couple of occasions, marvelous team!was listening tonight,mc2125, mx110z, Thorens td160Leather chair, fire, bourbon, no ice! 
To venture back into vinyl or not,...that is the question.
With a little patience you should be able to pick up a very nice Thorens td145 or td160. One of my vinyl setups,McintoshMC2505MX110zThorensTD160SpeakersKLH 5’s, Dynaco 25a, Klipsch KG4Vintage vinyl heaven 
Time for the Dynaco to go, Affordable Integrated or Separates for Wilson's Under $2.5K?
My latest,paring  a modded st-70, erring on the side of the original Hafler design with a Rogue Audio Métis Magnum. • st-70 $900• Metis-$650• speakers, on the huntKlipsch kg-4’s for nowbudget fun!