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Review of Rogue Audio RP-9 preamp
What is a normal listening level on an RP-7? Does 110 seem right?  
Vandersteen Sub woofers v Rythmik Subs
Excellent! Thanks Jim 👍  
Vandersteen Sub woofers v Rythmik Subs
Thanks for the replies! @tomic601 Jim, The NAD has the crossovers listed as “Main Frequency” and “Sub Frequency” on page 12 (Speaker Setup) of the manual:    
Vandersteen Sub woofers v Rythmik Subs
Sorry to revive an old thread, but it was a very interesting read. I own Vandersteen Treo CT’s and one (currently) Rythmik F12 subwoofer. My preamp is an NAD 12 and the Treo’s are being driven by Rogue M-180 monoblocks.  After reading this thread... 
Power amp for Vandersteen Treo?
I am currently using Rogue M-180 Monoblock amplifiers with my Vandersteen 2CE Signatures. I am going to be upgrading to Treo CT's in the next few weeks. I can't imagine the M-180's won't be a good fit with the Treo's, because they sound pretty dam...