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Request recommended cables for my system.
You have an 'audio shrink'!!!?? I need to upgrade to one of those; I only have an Audio Advisor. 0_0 
Baltimore MD
Ditto what Hartweger said; I'm very interested as well. I'm in the Catonsville area. 
Request recommended cables for my system.
Audionut22,Man, I know that feeling!!This sounds like an emotional request in that you want to be closer to the music. Correct? Well, here's my $0.02:If you read the ads and reviews- products will take you there. I do agree that a nice pre or set ... 
Request recommended cables for my system.
Hi,I don't know if this will give you the answer you were hoping for, but perhaps it might be a step in that direction...You mentioned what you were wanting your system to sound like (I think) but you fail to mention what it sounds like right now ... 
How to stabilize speakers without spikes.
I'm with Warrenh for the most part, but I would say it depends on what you are coupling with. Hardwood floors (especially those without adequate subflooring) move around a lot so decoupling might be the best bet in your case. There's really only o... 
Anyone here using vintage speakers?
Vintage? You bet!! I started using vintage speakers when first infected with this hobby because it was all I could afford. I've now spent more on upgrading vintage monitors than I would have spent on a "great" modern speaker but I bet you can gues...