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Amp & Pre or Integrated for Dynaudio Heritage Special
I am using a Coda CSIB V1 with the HS speakers and I have no urge to try tubes or anything else. I would also suggest you look at Luxman integrateds as well.   
Service for Tube Int Amp
Give Deltronics a call. They have a few locations in the Chicago area. 
Cable Box Digital 5.1 converted to Digital Stereo
Ozzy, on the Xfinity box you need to go to the menu and select 2 channel audio (PCM). Run an optical cable from the Xfinity box to your PS Audio DA converter - less jitter with the optical. I run this way through my Oppo BD-105 with good results. ... 
Jumper replacement for McIntosh MA-7000
Check out Tara Labs "Dussy" jumper. Made a noticeable improvement on my integrated.