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How goos is the harmonix HS101GP interconnect?
I just upgraded the speaker Cables with HARMONIX HS-101 Max & HS-101 SLC, XLR cables with HS 101 GP XLR SUS , RCA with HS101 GP & IMPROVED and power cables XDC Studio Master. I never expected this shocking performance!! But these cables ar... 
Plinius SA-102 for Magnepan 3.6
Thanx for all the advice. Finally, I have ordered for a pair of ML Summit (dark cherry Bass unit and Black grill). Hope I wont regret!!! 
question to Plinius Amp owner
I have a Plinius SA-102 amp purchased in 2003. Class A mode makes a lot of difference specially when kept on for one hour. Caution:Few weeks back, I observed that the heatsinkls were not as warm as it used to be earlier in Class A. Please note tha...