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AMR DP 777 or LampizatOr Level 5
Hi Jriggy, Thanks for your replay. I have tube set up with EMMlab CDSA. I am looking for DAC with nature sound in PCM. I am listen to classical music. Thanks in advance for your help. 
SACD vs Analog
Pani,Thanks for suggesting EMT. I had a look into links you provided and it's very interesting. 
SACD vs Analog
Jfrech, My line stage is ModWright LS36.5+PS36.5. $4K is for analog front-end without phono. 
Should I upgrade DAC, speaker cables, ICs, or PCs?
I agreed with Jdoris. DAC with USB is a preferable option. It will be better if DAC will have balance output. In general Balance outputs are less sensitive to cable quality even if the receiving end is RCA.Alex 
Three best audiophile CD/LP in your collection
1. Jerry Granelli V16 (SACD) Songlines records2. Christoph Pregardien/Michel Gees Between Life and Death (SACD) Challenge Classics3. Mozart Concertos 11,12 Janina Fialkowska (SACD) ATMA Classique 
Why power cable effect overall syste sound?
Samuel,Thank you a lot for answer. It was very well explained. The high frequency backward noise from digital source is well known issue. That's why for digital source is highly desirable to use shielded AC cord or some cable manufactures insert H... 
Why power cable effect overall syste sound?
The system sound is defined by system weakest link. I played with power cables and what I found that actually the sound affected not by line(phase) wiring but by cable earth grounding connection/shield in most cases. 
Hum noise in ModWright 36.5 230v unit
Dear Redoctober236.5 is not internally truly balanced design 
Any good equipment racks that are afordable?
Check link below. I bought three level rack. IT's very very good. Spider of Finite elemente is better but it cost six time more. Highly recomended. http://www.china-highend-hifi.com/new_page_1512111.htm 
Hum noise in ModWright 36.5 230v unit
It took some time to debug the problem and I think it will be helpful to share the results with "audiogoners". First I would like to admit that Dan responded very fast. At the bottom line it did not help to resolve the problem but at least I shoul...